Research Group (SGR)


MAGISTRI CATALONIAE & MEDITERRANEI-Estudis artístics de la Mediterrània Medieval i la seva recepció/ MACMED, is a research group (SGR 2021-63) of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona in association with the Departament d'Art i Musicologia of the UAB. The main goal of this group is to study the work, the training, the learning and the organization of the painters (miniaturists and wood and mural painters), sculptors and architects through the laboratory analytical techniques.

This research group comes from previous experience from the SGR 2017-231 MAGISTRI CATALONIAE- Cultural studies of Medieval Mediterranean (s. XI-XV) (2017-2021), inscribed in the Arts and Musicology Department in the UAB. It has carried out the creation of a digital index of medieval artist and their workshops (Magistri Cataloniae Index); the reconstruction of the three main agents (artists, promoters, public) of artistic processes in a delimited territory —Catalonia— but also including the in-expansion area of the Aragon Crown; and, finally, the study of the transference of artists, models, and objects, as well as the creation of cultural identities in the Mediterranean. New elements such as the study of miniature tradition in the Mediterranean —in the Byzantine environment as in meridional reigns from the Latin West—, topics related to gender studies, multiculturality and the “wonderful”, or the growing interest in the medieval reception in our contemporary world, complete de number of objectives of this group.

This research group has had the following research projects subsidized by the MICINN since 2012:

  • 2012-2015: “Artists, Patrons and Public. Catalonia and the Mediterranean (s.XI-XV)— MAGISTRI CATALONIAE” (HAR2011-23015)
  • 2016-2020: “Mobility and artistic transfer in Medieval Mediterranean (1187-1388). Artists, objects, and models”— MAGISTRI MEDITERRANEI (HAR2015-63883P)
  • 2021-2024: “Illuminated Byzantine Manuscripts in Spain: work, context and materiality” MABILUS (PID2020-120067GB-I00)

The project includes researchers Manuel Castiñeiras González, Anna Orriols Alsina, Josefina Planas, Carles Sánchez Márquez, Joan Duran-Porta, Francesc de Rueda, Jordi Camps, Cèsar Favà and Gemma Ylla-Català, and collaborators Verónica Carla Abenza Soria, Maria Incoronata Colantuono Santoro, Laia Cutrina Gallart, Concepció Peig i Ginabreda, Elena Ramazza, Carla Varela Fernandes and María Antonia Zalbidea Muñoz.